The Company Story

One day on a typical day, on a typical commute to work after maybe 3 months in my new city, an anxious commuter shoved me while boarding the train. This was a normal occurrence, but this time my foot decided to explore the gap between the platform and the train.  After limping and painfully finding my way to the pharmacy I tearfully explained (in what I thought was perfect Chinese) my fresh injury.  To my surprise, the pharmacist looked at me with empty eyes and a nervous smile indicating I was very likely making absolutely no sense. A kind local behind me took pity and came to my rescue perhaps after several of my own failed attempts. SCORE, something for the pain.  Days after the pharmacy debacle, an expat friend graciously explained my blunder. I had tearfully proclaimed that my foot had caught a cold.

Sometimes life overseas gets really real and you need a hand. COLDFOOT Expat is dedicated to preparing you for known and unknown unknowns of navigating your new environment.  After all, you have more important things to spend your brain power on like what souvenirs you will take home to your mom.



The Founder

In 2009, I arrived in the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and got in a car with a stranger that didn't speak English, rode 30 minutes in jet-lagged and anxious silence, and arrived at my new corporate apartment in 长宁 Changning hours after the last English speaking employee had left for home.  I can vividly remember standing at the desk bags in hand hearing what I know now must have been my first 欢迎光临 official welcome. Completely discombobulated in both space and time, I summoned my spirit of adventure elementary command of Chinese and began one of the most exciting chapters of my life.

Since that day I have lived in the United Arab Emirates and have traveled to France, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Thailand, and Oman. COLDFOOT Expat is a marriage of my passion for traveling authentically and helping others make the most of their time abroad.

Traveling in China can be intimidating but you are going to be OK because I've got your back!