Going shopping? Learn these 10 signs first!

During a last minute stop to Zhongshan Park, I popped in a shop and was eying a couple of charging cables but I could not find a price listed anywhere.  I found a nice lady (with a very strong accent) who gave me a price but I had 0 confidence I heard her correctly.  We didn't have our handy calculators so I could  A. Pull out my phone, unlock it, and search for the calculator app which I somehow always manage to misplace on my screen, OR I could B. Use sign language!  

The really nice thing about these signs is that you can count to 10 with one hand, and its faster than whipping out your phone or calculator. Locals and long-time residents alike use so don't feel bad using these signs at all. Bonus, when the vendor realizes I can use these signs my reward is usually a smile (which I like to think is a good sign that helps bring my prices down). 

I learned the hard way by memorizing some boring pics from my textbook and it took me awhile to remember to use them.  You deserve better my friend.  Here is a link to a funny, simple, brief (Just 90 seconds), and memorable video about hand signs.

If you are not up for watching the video right now, here is a summary pictorial...
(Sidenote: Click on the pic  to go to the original post where you will find helpful tips for other countries as well.  The "Indian Headshakes, What do they mean" video which is hilarious")

Signs you should know for shopping in China

Signs you should know for shopping in China


Thats all for now folks.  Happy shopping!